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Recommended Usage Directions: Mix Acidify with EPA pesticides: biocides, fungicides, disinfectants, as directed on label, to “Activate” and generate Chlorine Dioxide / C102 to insure solution meets all its label claims for: Processing equipment and environment on Farms; Poultry, Swine, and Diary Drinking Water and Lines; Food and Seafood;

Post Harvest Fruit/Vegetable Wash; Removes Biofilm, Slime, Pathogens; Extending Product Shelf Life; Cooling Towers & Systems; Bottling Plants; O&G Well & Ground Water Safe; FDA GRAS Approved – (Generally Regarded As Safe) USDA/FSIS Directive 7120.1 Safe & Suitable Ingredient.

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*Use Amount of Additive required to activate & adjust water pH may vary by location, depending upon water quality (dissolved chemicals, pH, e g. minerals, bicarbonates, etc ). End point of pH, Free & Total C102 should be determined by user’s own testing for optimum results and efficacy.