Prozap® Zinc Phosphide Oat Bait

Prozap Zinc Phosphide Oat Bait

Restricted Use Product

Acute Toxicant: Zinc Phosphide

Zinc phosphide, a powerful acute rodenticide, is contained in all Prozap® rodent bait formulations. These fast-acting baits are formulated with a special blend of processed grains that are especially appealing to rodents.

  • Rapid and economical control of large infestations of mice or rats in and around livestock and poultry buildings; gophers can also be effectively controlled with direct burrow application.
  • Attractive protein concentrations.
  • Contains less dust than competitor formulations.
  • Pellets utilize a special hardening agent and can withstand up to 1½” of rainfall before melting.
  • Easily filters through vegetation.
  • Prozap’s small pellet size is preferred by mice.

For spot treatments in and around buildings, orchards and groves, vineyards, rangeland and non-crop areas. For broadcasting by ground spreader or aircraft in non-bearing orchards, sugarcane fields and specified non-crop areas. For broadcasting by ground spreader in vineyards.

  • Contains an attractive protein concentration of 14–22%.
  • Bait uses food-grade, steam-rolled oat groats for improved palatability.
  • De-hulled groats will not germinate.
  • Kiln dried process eliminates germination and kills bacteria and mold.

Prozap Oat Bait Bulk 50 lb bag

  • For control of mice, rats, voles, ground squirrels, pocket gophers and prairie dogs.
  • Extensive label for field applications.
  • Fast acting and extremely palatable to rodents.



    • Cody Thompson


      Hi Kim, you can buy this from us. It does require a restricted use pesticide license.

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