Jaguar® Soft Bait

Motomco’s newest rodenticide formulation contains a carefully balanced matrix of proteins and fats that delivers unrivaled results. Jaguar Soft Bait offers agricultural producers fast bait acceptance and sustained palatability.

Soft baits have typically demonstrated solid initial palatability but long-term results were less impressive. Motomco’s Jaguar Soft Bait was developed to achieve both fast acceptance and to hold a rodent’s interest.

Once rodents eat Jaguar Soft Bait, its powerful, single-feed active ingredient, Brodifacoum, goes to work controlling even difficult-to-control rodents. Jaguar Soft Bait is also formulated to hold up in extreme hot and cold temperatures. In cold climates, the bait won’t freeze or become brittle. When temperatures and humidity rise, Jaguar Soft Bait is both mold- and heat-resistant.

Jaguar Soft Bait is available in 15g pouches, giving users 50 percent more bait than traditional 10g pouches. Larger bait pouches mean fewer required placements and less time spent baiting each area. Jaguar Soft Bait also features a hole in the center of each bait, allowing easy and consistent bait placement on bait securing rods.

Jaguar Soft Bait contains the special additive Lumitrack® that aids in identifying and tracking rodents by making rodent feces glow under UV lighting.

Jaguar Soft Bait, EPA Registration No. 12455-139-3240,

Jaguar Soft Bait 16lb.pail photo