Di-Kill® Blocks


Second Generation Anticoagulant: Difenacoum

Difenacoum is the latest in rodent control. This hard-hitting second-generation anticoagulant can knock down rodents in 4-5 days. Difenacoum is outstanding for the control of mice. It takes more than twice as much of a bromadialone bait to kill mice than with Di-Kill®. Available in blocks, place packs and bulk pellet configurations.

  • Palatable formulation made from food-grade ingredients.
  • Lower primary toxicity – less toxic than other baits to non-target animals.
  • Kills warfarin-resistant rodents.
  • Use as part of Neogen’s recommended Rotational Baiting Program.
  • Attractive formulation to increase rodent palatability.
  • Made with multiple gnawing edges to encourage consumption.


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