Tomcat® Rodent Station

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Rodent Station

Excellent value for rats and mice

Tomcat Bait Stations provide security by keeping bait out of reach of children, pets, livestock and non-target animals.  They increase the effectiveness of any bait by protecting it from the elements and providing a sheltered area where rodents feel comfortable feeding.    The Tomcat Rodent Station is an excellent value for customers looking to upgrade to the security of a tamper-resistant bait station.  It locks when closed and is unlocked with a special 2-pronged key.  It’s small footprint can be used in many different areas, but is large enough to hold up to 8 x 1oz Bait Chunx or a Tomcat Rat Trap.

– Excellent Value station for bulk baits

– Provides tamper-resistant security and protects bait

– Locks when closed and unlocks with a special 2-pronged metal key

– Large enough openings for mice or rats

– Holds up to 8 x 1oz Bait Chunx or One Tomcat Rat Trap

– Available in bulk for Livestock Producers or in a display box for store merchandising