Triple C “Cool Cell Cleaner”



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Product Details


Triple-C® is a proprietary blend of acids and surfactants designed to clean and remove scale and mineral buildup from cool cell pads. Triple-C® provides a unique scrubbing action that effectively loosens and removes scale, mineral and heavy metal deposits from cool cell pads. Other cool cell cleaning products are essentially algaecides/fungicides which have little effect on scale and mineral build up. By removing the scale and mineral buildup, Triple-C® provides a complete clean of your cool cell pads while saving you from expensive pad replacement costs.

Foaming Cleaner

Scrubs cool cell pads to remove scale and mineral build up

Environmentally Safe

Environmentally friendly and fast acting

Equipment Friendly

Won’t harm cool cell pads, piping, or delivery systems equipment

Chloride/Chlorine Free

Greatly reduces the potential for corrosion


Avoid expensive pad replacement costs