Tomcat® Rat Bait Station



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Rat Bait Station

Our #1 Selling Bait Station in Agriculture

Tomcat Bait Stations provide security by keeping bait out of reach of children, pets, livestock and non-target animals.  They increase the effectiveness of any bait by protecting it from the elements and providing a sheltered area where rodents feel comfortable feeding.  The Tomcat Rat Bait Station is Motomco’s #1 selling station, popular with homeowners, producers and professionals.  The keyless design and large bait area is easy to open and service, however it can also be secured with a zip tie, allen screw or other methods.

– Motomco’s original Bait Station and still the #1 seller

– Keyless design is easy to open, but can also be secured with a zip tie, allen screw, etc.

– Heavy duty construction will last for years – features a “living hinge” that can be opened & closed over 100,000 times without breaking

– Large containment area fits up to 6 rats and up to 1 pound of Bait Chunx

– Includes horizontal and vertical bait securing rods

– Large enough for rats, but can be used for baiting mice as well

– Available in bulk for Livestock Producers or with a display sleeve for store merchandising