SureCide AH



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Product Details

Chlorine Dioxide for Continuous Use in Livestock Drinking Water

Effective over a broad pH range (3-10)
•Low corrosion potential at use concentrations
•Resists depletion due to organic load
•No effect on nutritional quality
•Can be used with automated delivery systems
•Safe for applicators (PPE required)
•No unusual stipulations on storage
•Activate with MVP-P or MVP-C

SureCide AH is more effective than Chlorine
•More organic-load bearing capability
•Does not impart offensive odor or taste to drinking water
•Less corrosive to equipment
•Works in a wider pH range, (hypochlorites typically lose efficacy
above pH 7; whereas SureCide AH is effective in a pH range of 3-10
•Safer for workers and the environment
• 2.6 times more powerful oxidizing capacity than Chlorine
•Requires less product than hypochlorites


SureCide AH – Chlorine Dioxide Solution – EPA Reg. No. 63838-24

5 gal.

53 gal.