Rainbow Telco Wasp Spray



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Product Details

  • TELCO & POWER WASP & ANT SPRAY EXCEEDS the strictest wasp spray specifications ever developed. Many people have highly allergic – even life-threatening – reactions to bites and stings. Using this long-range spray also helps avoid injuries while trying to escape from insect attack.
  •  Because our spray contains one of the most powerful active ingredients, it quickly knocks down flying and stinging insects. This superior solvent-based product is SAFE for use on and in utility and telecom equipment.
  •  The high-output spray pattern delivers a high percentage of the formula to the nest from a safe distance of 12 to 15 feet. The actuator or spray button is designed with an upward angle of 15 degrees to make it easier to hit the nest. A unique locking mechanism keeps the spray button in place and ready to use.
  •  TELCO & POWER WASP & ANT SPRAY has the highest dielectric strength available to ensure greater safety when working around medium to high voltage. This is especially important considering the common practice of utilities and telcos sharing poles.
  •  UNLIKE VIRTUALLY ALL OTHER WASP SPRAYS, TELCO & POWER WASP & ANT SPRAY does NOT crack and craze plastics used in utility and telecom equipment. (Bellcore) Telcordia and NEETRAC testing show it to be safe for plastics. When metals were tested per (Bellcore) Telcordia specifications, TELCO & POWER WASP & ANT SPRAY was found to be non-corrosive.