Qwik-Blend™ Proportioner Pump



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Product Details

The Qwik-Blend™ pump is designed to allow you to easily inject a 3% solution into your water lines without having to prepare a stock solution. The pump hooks up just as you would a medicator,  and allows you to drop the feeder hose directly into the Proxy-Clean® jug. The pump then mixes the water and Proxy-Clean® to a 3% solution, injecting it directly into the lines. This pump is also compatible with Mineral-Clean®, allowing you to clean and descale your water lines with only one piece of equipment.

Simple & Reliable

Reliable – No moving parts to break

Saves Time

Service multiple barns in a fraction of the time


Reasonably priced to suit your budget

Cost Effective

Can be used with both Proxy-Clean® and Mineral-Clean®