Prozap® Zinc Phosphide Tracking Powder (Restricted Use Item)

Product Details

Restricted Use Product

Tracking Powder Baits are designed to be picked up on the foot pads, fur, and or tails of rodents during their travels and ingested during the rodent’s daily grooming activities. Prozap® Tracking Powder is a formulation of 10% Zinc Phosphide and corn starch which is an excellent carrier that adheres to the rodent effectively. Acute toxicants like Zinc Phosphide, require only one grooming to kill and quickly reduce rodent populations when a tolerance to anticoagulants exists.

  • Powerful tracking powder using the acute active of 10% Zinc Phosphide
  • Just teaspoon amounts will control mice
  • Rodents ingest toxicant while grooming making tracking powder an excellent tool when a tolerance to anticoagulants exists
  • Tracking powder works especially well when rodents have extensive food supplies or will not accept other baits
  • Dead rodents could appear within hours