Neogen® Viroxide Super™



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Neogen® Viroxide Super™ is a broad-spectrum powder disinfectant recommended for use on hard surfaces and independently proven to act rapidly against bacteria and viruses.

Why Choose Neogen Viroxide Super?

Easy to use and store

Economical in-use dilution rates

10% additional product per pail compared to other powder disinfectants

Readily available for quick delivery across the U.S.

Registered in the U.S. under the Environmental Protection Service (EPA) and throughout the world under other regulatory agencies

No known resistance

No rotation required

Where to Use Neogen Viroxide Super?

It is recommended for use on equipment, in confinement buildings, transport and service vehicles, supply rooms, boot baths, and more. Neogen Viroxide Super is also independently proven to inactivate coronaviruses* for use on frequently touched surfaces, helping keep farm personnel healthy and on the job.