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in-VIGOR-ate is an acidified vitamin/mineral supplement fortified with direct-fed microbials to improve nutritional status and promote gut health via drinking water consumption during times of stress.

Why in-VIGOR-ate?
During stress, water and feed intake typically are significantly reduced. Consequently, pigs are susceptible to dehydration and gut microflora imbalance. The changes in the gut environment lead to damage in gut integrity, reduced feed utilization, and increased susceptibility to enteritis. The culmination is loss in performance that impacts profitability. Administration of in-VIGOR-ate will stimulate water intake and provide needed nourishment during stress. The vitamins support energy metabolism. The electrolytes will aid proper tissue hydration. Acidification with citric acid enhances water palatability and helps maintain the desired pH environment in the stomach and small intestine. The supplemental lactic acid producing bacteria will help maintain a beneficial microflora balance in the intestine. Consequently, the impact of stress is alleviated to support a higher level of performance

Available In

50 x 6 oz. packs- CV002

10 x 30oz. packs- CV003