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Acid Tray Wash EVO Jug

Chlor-A-Foam™ EVO Hatchery and Equipment Cleaner is a phosphate-free, high-foaming alkaline cleaner that rapidly removes protein, fat and carbohydrate soils from surfaces, as well as stubborn yellow stains. Chlor-A-Foam EVO is used for cleaning hatchers, setters, equipment, egg rooms, chick boxes, walls, floors and refuse areas in poultry hatcheries. In poultry and meat processing plants, it is used for cleaning equipment, shackles, walls, floors and refuse areas. It is excellent for stainless steel, concrete, plastic, fiberglass, glass, tile and other surfaces. It can be used through a variety of foam generating equipment as well as in pressure washers.

Actives: Potassium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite.
Use: Hatcheries, processing facilities and equipment.
Activity: All purpose, high-foaming detergent.
Application: Foamed or sprayed with pressure washing equipment.


  • Phosphate-free formulation
  • Formulated using biodegradable ingredients
  • Superior foaming capabilities
  • Excellent for stainless steel, concrete, plastic, fiberglass and other surfaces
  • Formulated using biodegradable detergents