Celite 610

Now OMRI Listed  (approved for organic production)

Effective and long lasting when kept dry.

Kills Darkling Beetles, Cockroaches, Ants, Earwigs, Silverfish,

Slugs and Other Crawling Insects.

For use in and around livestock housing structures, swine houses, cattle barns, calf hutches, loafing barns, horse stables and pet kennels. To control ants, spiders, fleas, houseflies, little houseflies, cockroaches, mites, litter beetles, hide beetles, earwigs and other insects, apply dust evenly
at a rate up to 6.5 pounds per 1000 square feet. Apply dust using hand or power duster or other
suitable equipment, or as a Slurry up to a 20% solution (Note: 1.65 pounds per gallon of water
= 20% solution). Apply uniformly to infested areas of walls and floors. Pay particular attention to
cracks, crevices, bedding, wall voids and around window and door frames. Applications are permitted when animals are present and may be used over the top of animals. Do not apply directly to
animal feed or watering equipment. Repeat treatments as necessary to maintain adequate control.
To control bedbugs, mites, litter beetles (darkling beetles) and hide beetles, apply dust to litter at
a rate up to 4 pounds per 1000 square feet of surface area or as a Slurry up to a 20% solution
(Note: 1.65 pounds per gallon of water = 20% solution). Uniformly cover floors and walls, paying
particular attention to cracks and crevices, comers and underneath feed and watering equipment
and lines. Avoid contamination of feed and water. Applications can be made up to 75 pounds per
1000 square feet for severe infestations and in moist areas. If litter is greater than 3 inches deep,
apply up to an additional 25 pounds per 1000 sq. ft. per additional inch of litter. Applications are
permitted mid-flock while birds are present. Litter should be retreated when replaced and before
each new batch of poultry is introduced to the facility. Repeat treatments as necessary to maintain
adequate control.
Slurry Mixing: When a slurry application is desired or being utilized use the following procedure:
1. Fill spray tank using 2/3 of the desired amount of water
2. Add up to 26.5 ounces (dry weight) of Celite 610
to each gallon of water in the total spray mixture
3. After Celite 610
is thoroughly blended add the remaining amount of water
4. Maintain constant agitation while blending and spraying
5. Spray application area enough to wet the area but not to the point of runoff.
6. Slurry treatments are intended for outdoor applications and all applications to Livestock, Poultry
and crops. Slurry treatments are not intended to be made inside human living areas.

40 lb. bag