Solid Brite

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H&H Solid Brite is specifically formulated to produce clean, spot free
wares in a wide variety of soils and water conditions. Since
the mechanical action differs from dish, tub or tray washing
machines, ask your H&H Sales Representative which product is
best for you:
•C-Chlorinated •HW-Hard Water •MS-Metal Safe
•R-Regular •LF-Low Foam •PF-Phosphate Free
Directions for Commercial use only:
Before removing empty container from reservoir make sure water
supply to reservoir is off.
1. Never open capsule except immediately prior to application in
2. Use only in appropriate automatic dispenser.
3. Put capsule on dispenser in vertical position with mouth down
and cap removed.
4. Check with a H&H serviceman to adjust amount of
material used.
WARNING: This product can cause burns to eyes, skin, and
mucous membranes; contains Sodium Hydroxides. Avoid contact
with skin, eyes, or clothing. Wear rubber gloves and chemical
splash goggles when handling.
FIRST AID: In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water.
If burning persists, contact a physician.
HAZARD RATING: Health (3), Fire (0), Reactivity (1),
Special Hazard (CORR)