DC&R Disinfectant

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DC&R Disinfectant is a non-flammable and non-corrosive formulation. It can be used in the
following areas: poultry and turkey farms, hatcheries, swine operations, dairy farms, cattle
farms, veal farms, equine farms, emu and ostrich farms, zoos, veterinary clinics, kennels,
pet shops, Federally inspected meat and poultry establishments, except where meat and
food products are handled, animal life sciences laboratories and in farm foot baths. DC&R
Disinfectant can be used to disinfect pens, hutches, feeders, waterers, cages and livestock
and poultry hauling vehicles and equipment.
To be used in disinfecting hard, non-porous surfaces of farm buildings and equipment
which are for poultry and livestock production, veterinary clinics, kennels, and other non-livestock buildings. Especially suited for equipment, which may harbor or spread many
germs or microorganisms within the farm operation, veterinary facility, or to other farms.
Apply DC&R
Disinfectant with a mechanical spray device. Spray all surfaces to be disin-fected until thoroughly wet.
• DC&R has proven effective as a disin-fectant by the AOAC against bacteria,
virus and fungi.
• A unique combination of three active
germicidal ingredients.
• Kills organisms on contact…keeps kill-ing for up to 7 days after application.
• Retains its activity even in the pres-ence of organic matter.
• Scientifically formulated so that when
sprayed onto a surface the active in-gredient, HNP, slowly decomposes
yielding germ-killing levels of formal-dehyde.
• Effective in both acid and alkaline pH