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DURA-TRAY Poultry Hatch Trays

Made from high-grade virgin polyethylene material, DURA-TRAY Poultry Hatch Trays provide superior impact, wear resistance, along with improved rigidity. Added plastic in critical areas helps prevent breakage. DURA-TRAY is specially designed to be lighter weight and offer improved stackability. Diamond shaped openings in the bottom are 15% larger than leading competitor for improved cleanability. DURA-TRAY Poultry Hatch Trays are designed to work with Jamesway & Chick Master hatchers as well as other models. All models will cycle through Inovo equipment.

BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection

Laboratory tests of Salmonella, E.Coli, Staph and Pneumonia cultures demonstrated a clear difference between untreated samples and those treated with BIO-PRUF Anti-Microbial Protection, which inhibited the growth of bacteria.



Model: DT168 (168 Egg Capacity for Jamesway)

Size: 49.25″ x 15″ x 4.75″ (125.09 cm x 38.10 cm x 12.06 cm

Weight: 6.2 lbs. (2.81 kg)

DURA-TRAY Lids also available.


Model: DT165 (165 Egg Capacity for Chick Master)

Size: 48.50″ x 16.69″ x 4.63″ (123.19 cm x 42.39 cm x 11.76 cm)

Weight: 6.33 lbs. (2.87 kg)

DURA-TRAY Lids also available.