Oxytet Soluble (Rx use only)

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  • Chickens – for the control of infectious synovitis (Mycoplasma synoviae/MS) and CRD (chronic respiratory disease) and air sac infection (M. gallisepticum/MG); also for the control of colibacillosis (E. coli) and Fowl cholera (Pasteurella multocida)
  • Growing Turkeys – for the control of complicationg bacterial organisms associated with bluecomb (transmissible enteritis/coronaviral enteritis)
  • Turkeys – for the control of hexamitiasis (Hexamita meleagridis) and infectious synovitis (M. synoviae)
  • Swine – to control and treat bacterial enteritis (E. coli and Salmonella cholerasuis) and bacterial pneumonia (P. multocida)
  • Breeding swine – to control and treat leptospirosis (Leptospira pomona) and thereby reduce the incidence of abortions and shedding of spirochetes
  • 10 x 1400 gm/ 50 x 280 gm

*All of the above organisms must be susceptible to tetracycline for effective treatment*

Oxytet soluble 280 gm